One comment on “10 Bills Filed For Texas Marijuana Legalization in 2019

  1. I hope they hurry because I am in much pain. You see i had surgery to remove a tumor from the left side of neck supercalicle. UNIVERSTY HOSPITAL in San Antonio, left me completely paralyzed in my left on. This has change my life forever! I can no longer use two hands to wash my face or hair and back. Unable to do those things i used to love. Grieving is a process . I am unable to go a day without pain it’s like a non stop neckache affecting my shoulder with headaches and back pain. I am not living a life of quality it feels like a slow death. I don’t like all the prescribed meds they affect my brain. I’m not happy because of all the med drugs I take. If it is ORGANIC DON’T PANIC.
    That is my believe and it should be yours too. Use this and start making commercials with my slogan and or saying.
    Thanks , Paula Castle Arias

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