A Rags to Lower Middle Class Cannabis Story

CANNABIS CULTURE – Or, how I turned $5,000 into $130,000 in Four Months. 

Okay. Okay. Let me tell this story or at least the germ of it.  About five years ago. At the time, I was what, fifty-eight, fifty-nine, fifty something? I had lost it all.  Again. For what, the fifth, sixth time? Very nice. My last five-year plan led to the obscene criminal behavior of being laid off at fifty-five. Now, I’m about to shatter a personal record and turn sixty-five.

If you are laid off in your fifties with no particular trade-papers or slippery white-collar diplomas, you are a criminal. You will feel like one. Society will help in every way. It doesn’t matter what happened, what stupid mistake or bad luck or whatever. Sometimes you do the wrong things, sometimes the wrongs things get done to you. Yeah, yeah, make it this far without a story.

I was still here, is the point. So now, a different five-year plan would be in order, I needed a plan that wasn’t full of all the wrong ideas, that would be prime, certainly better than the last rabbit hole of nightmare pain. It did often seem that whether I took small steps up

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