Adult-Use Cannabis In Europe: The Final Countdown Begins

In this insightful article, international cannabis expert, Barbara Pastori, explores the potential impact of adult-use legalization in Europe.

Adult-use cannabis legalization is picking up pace in the Americas. On Wednesday the 14th of July, Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer released a draft bill that would federally legalize cannabis in the United States. Earlier this year, New York joined the ever-growing collection of US states in which adult-use cannabis is already fully legal. Last June, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that the government should legalize the recreational use of cannabis, bringing the country a step closer to becoming the largest legal market for adult-use cannabis in the world.

And Europe? It’s still lagging behind. For now, there’s no country in the EU that allows for the legal production, commercialization, and consumption of adult-use cannabis. Things, however, are just beginning to move on the Old Continent as well.

– Read the entire article at Benzinga.

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