Blue Moon Brewing Creator Shares a THC-Infused Beer Recipe

Blue Moon Brewing creator Keith Villa is all in on brewing marijuana-infused beer, leaving Coors-Molson in 2018 to start his own line of craft beers that are infused with THC and CBD but devoid of alcohol. The Brewers Association, previously in the dark on the subject, asked Villa to write a book on marijuana beers to help advise other brewers, and he happily obliged.

Villa will be at the Brew Hut in Aurora on Friday, August 6, to talk about his new book, Brewing With Cannabis: Using THC and CBD in Beer, and give a presentation to homebrewers on the science and art behind infusing beers with cannabinoids. He was kind enough to provide Westword with a sneak preview of what’s to come, sharing a recipe for one of his favorite bud-friendly brews: a THC peanut butter porter.

“This recipe gives a full-bodied porter with roasted peanut notes. The final THC content will be about 18 milligrams per 12-ounce bottle, which is a hefty dose and can lead to cross-fading if the alcohol is left in the beer. However, without alcohol, the THC will provide a buzz similar to drinking a couple of pints of alcoholic imperial porter,” Villa says.

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