Budding dispensary provides free classes on growing questions – KOB

Mama and the Girls is working on getting their dispensary license, but in the meantime they want to help individual growers flourish. 

“It’s kinda hard if you are an individual growers, it’s been so stigmatized and hidden a lot of people don’t know what to do or where to begin or who to go to because there aren’t laws there is not a list or somewhere where they can figure it out,” said Arin Goold, co-owner.  

So they decided to become a resource, but because they are not a licensed dispensary yet, they have a few hoops to jump through themselves. 

“One of the first things we did was hire attorneys to run everything by them because it is unclear what is currently legal and what is not currently legal and there is a lot of grey area in between,” Goold said. 

But what is clear, is individuals can have up to six plants with a maximum of 12 plants in one household. But the first step is to find plants to grow. 

“Like any industry it takes a whole lot of sorting through the pieces and not all of us have all the answers

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