Cannabis brand Cookies partnering with Massachusetts’ CommCan to bring popular strains to the East Coast –

Cannabis strains from the popular brand Cookies are going to reach the East Coast through a new partnership with CommCan, a dispensary with locations in Millis and Southborough.

Cookies, founded in 2008 by Gilbert Milam Jr., a Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur known as Berner, and Jai Chang, a Bay Area breeder and cultivator, is among the most well-known names in cannabis. California-based Cookies has locations on West Coast, in addition to retail stores in Colorado and Oklahoma.

Now, CommCan is slated to become the cultivation, manufacturing and distribution partner for Cookies throughout Massachusetts as the brand officially launches on the East Coast, the company said in a statement.

“As Cookies continues to expand, I focus on cherry-picking the best operators in each state,” said Berner. “We want a long term partner that is just as passionate about our genetics as we are, understands all parts of our operation, and most importantly, one we can trust to deliver quality products consistently, to the market. CommCan is the best partner for us in Massachusetts and we are fortunate to be bringing Cookies to the East Coast.”

CommCan is now the cultivation, manufacturing and distribution partner in Massachusetts for California-based cannabis brand Cookies. Photo courtesy of

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