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Six years ago Texas Cannabis Report opened its doors and launched with coverage of a great conference put on by DFW NORML. Since that time it has striven to be a premier source of accurate and unbiased information pertinent to those interested in the laws, legal encounters, politics, and activism concerning the issue of cannabis in Texas.

At the time of launch, most media outlets treated the issue of cannabis as a joke, a punchline, and overtly made light of the issue in their reporting, often neglecting to induce a serious and informed discussion. We deserved better, and because of that, better is what we have always worked towards.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the numerous people throughout the years who have helped make this publication a success, which includes our readers. Without you, this monumental operation would not have been possible. It is my hope that we have faithfully served you and the greater good with our works.

You may have noticed that our operations have scaled back dramatically these days. It takes a lot of time, hard work, and money to make an operation such as Texas Cannabis Report effective. Over the years, while many have contributed their words, it has largely been a one-person operation. Due to life changes, Texas Cannabis Report simply cannot continue on the way it has. We’ll still be putting out an article from time to time, however we feel confident in the fact that media operations around Texas have come a long way on covering the issue of cannabis. I’d like to personally thank the journalists out there who are taking the time to write meaningful and informative articles on this issue, you are unsung heroes.

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