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Corpus Christi – Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation provides the highest quality cannabis medicine made for Texans by Texans. They put Certified Cannabis Patients first with compassionate care, hands-on communication, statewide delivery, prescription pick up throughout Texas with easy online refills.

Compassionate Cultivation dispensary menu products in Corpus Christi are available to medical marijuana patients that have been certified by a qualified MMJ doctor.

To get started, fill out the patient registration form here. See if you qualify today.

CORPUS CHRISTI DISPENSARY - Unavailable (Delivery Available Now!)

Compassionate Cultivation is a Texas Dispensary approved to grow, process, and dispense medical cannabis products under the state’s Compassionate Use Act.

A Texas Original dispensary location in Corpus Christi will open in the future to service MMJ patients. In the meantime, delivery of medical grade Low THC cannabis products is available from Compassionate Cultivation in Corpus Christi.


What People Are Saying

Jason Glynn
Jason G.
19:54 31 Dec 21
Smells great ! I'm only an enthusiast, not a patient, so I cannot atest to the product quality or efficacy. However, my elderly landlord continues to request & require prescription pickup from here, so it must be doing some good. As a recreational hobbyist, I appreciate the professional setup and structure that maintains the chillax, 'dazed and confused', old-school, hippie-like good vibes. Perhaps I'm just nostalgic and a little jelly.They apparently give free tours, and I know for a fact that there are FREE TOCC stickers in the lobby.read more
Maggie Hall
Maggie H.
15:30 31 Dec 21
I had no idea until recently researching that Texas had passed a compassionate program. I made a teledoc visit asap knowing that I have the medical dx and history to qualify. My prescribing physician recommended Texas Originals saying that they are really the only one out of two currently in Texas. I was slightly skeptical of the product just unsure if it would be as effective as ‘the real deal’.I’m happy to report that this company and their products did not disappoint! The patient set up and script registry process was a breeze, all employees I’ve associated with have been very friendly and professional, and they happened to have a pick up location fifteen minutes from my home in the Spring/Cypress area.I love that these products are natural and wholesome. There are no questionable additives. The products are slightly more expensive than I was hoping, but I suppose with high quality, you get what you pay for. They are kind enough to offer a first and second purchase discount whenever they don’t have to.The liquid is fast acting and everything has a good taste.I cannot tell you all how happy and relieved that I am that I can now get these products in a local and legal way. I am so proud of Texas for taking this step. I hope that Texas Originals and their effective and beneficial products are here to stay. For many of us, it truly improves our quality of life and daily living!I would highly recommend this company to anyone!read more
Joshua Kleinstreuer
Joshua K.
13:29 16 Dec 21
Friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming staff. High quality medicine. Worth the short drive if you live in Austin!
Richard Bowman
Richard B.
01:07 12 Dec 21
Very nice people. I have end stage renal failure on dialysis with neuropathy. Gabapentin ruined my kidneys so I can't take it anymore. The medical marijuana has replaced that terrible drug and it is a godsend. Thank you guys so much for delivering to San Antonio. I am blind and cannot drive.read more
Alex Simmons
Alex S.
19:09 11 Dec 21
This is a wonderful place to order from. And the delivery drivers are a nice and trustworthy part of the company. A+
vickie robinson
vickie R.
00:19 28 Nov 21
I purchased the gummies when Good Blend dispensary was low on supply. Big mistake. I wouldn't waste your money here. They taste awful. Absolutely no relief. Good Blend has a better product with a lower dose. Don't waste your money here. Go to Good Blend dispensary.read more
Michael J (Rale)
Michael J (.
19:42 17 Nov 21
You pick up your scrip, its scripts, and that's about it. Nice clean respectively, and engaging atmosphere, but I like it. It's undoubtedly a good thing for Texas, and Thank You.read more
Cody Caskey
Cody C.
03:32 02 Nov 21
Omg I have legal thc gummies. PTSD.
Cynthia Bailey
Cynthia B.
06:31 30 Oct 21
We love Texas original compassionate cultivation. It’s been a game changer for our daughter with epilepsy.. thank you 🙏read more
Ismael Rodriguez
Ismael R.
20:43 18 Oct 21
The process was soo painless and quick. Arrive, ID, pay and go... but ensure that you call beforehand so that your Rx is ready. The place is quaint and out of the way of heavy traffic... Location, location, location. Kelsey was soo informative, professional and personable! First timer and I am giddy about Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation! Thanks for the positive experience.read more
Sandy Anderson
Sandy A.
20:52 25 Sep 21
We want to give thanks to texas original! You guys are great. They explained everything to me and my husband. When we got to the dispensary and they always explained all the directions and answered our questions! We won't be going to anyone else.read more
Jessica Brischke
Jessica B.
16:53 13 Sep 21
Fabulously friendly and informative staff. Broke everything down for us… including the science. We had all questions answered and our minds put at ease.read more
18:05 09 Jun 21
Super glad I chose them for my medication. I'm always nervous meeting new people or talking on the phone but the staff made me feel extremely comfortable every step of the way. My delivery driver, Dan, was one of the nicest people I've ever met and genuinely seemed to care about making sure I understood all the information he gave me. The relief I have gotten from their tincture has been life-changing. I would 100% recommend Texas Original to any patient out there.read more
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