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OSWEGO – You can smoke it, but you can’t buy it. You can grow it, but you can’t plant it. It’s legal, but don’t do it and drive. If you have some now, it’s from an illegal purchase, though in small quantities under three ounces, you probably won’t be prosecuted. Don’t sell it. You’ll need a license, and those aren’t available. Don’t plan on buying some in a state where it’s legal and bringing it back to New York. That’s a violation of interstate trade, a serious federal violation. And, oh yeah, be 21 or over. Still illegal otherwise.

It’s New York’s new marijuana legalization.

It could be a year before you see a legal dispensary. It could be quite a while longer than that before you can plant your own, and then you may still need a medical marijuana card to grow it six months after adult-use dispensaries open. Without the card, you’ll have to wait 18 months. And you’re limited to growing six plants, three mature and three immature.

You’ll be able to smoke it anywhere you are allowed to smoke cigarettes. Smoke at a park, a pool, or a beach though, and you may end up with a fine.


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