Dispensary Review: Tommy Chims Smokes Swade Cannabis' Weed – Riverfront Times

click to enlarge VIA SWADE CANNABIS Swade’s colorful new location fits in well in the Grove neighborhood.
Dispensary employees, as a group, must be the cheeriest subset of retail workers out of the whole lot.

That’s not to imply they are dipping into their employers’ stash or anything, nor would I suggest that their jobs are particularly easy. But so far my experiences purchasing weed in St. Louis’ nascent medical marijuana industry have consistently involved dealing with some of the friendliest, most happy-to-be-here workers I’ve seen in my many years of exchanging money for goods. It feels like there’s a certain pervasive sense of wonderment that we’re even able to do this right out in the open — after all, not long ago both buyer and seller would be looking at potential jail time for the things that happen within a dispensary.

I may be projecting. As a man who has run afoul of the legal system repeatedly over the years due to weed — and who, for a period of time, even had to submit to the indignity of filling a cup with urine on a regular

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