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Long Island’s first tribally-owned and licensed cannabis dispensary will be opened by the Shinnecock Nation out in Southampton called the Little Beach Harvest dispensary.

Coming to the east end of Long Island, the Shinnecock Tribal Nation looked opened their doors to the first tribally-owned and licensed cannabis dispensary (1). The new location called, the Little Beach Harvest dispensary, officially opened on November 15, 2023 and is a 5,000 square foot cedar facility located on their land.

This store has been years in the making, according to Chenae Bullock, managing director of the Little Beach Harvest (1). The WSHU reported that, “the dispensary is the result of an eight-year-long process,” (1). “The industry that’s emerging in this state. For us to be able to do this, it just gives us a sense of pride and empowerment. It’s a wonderful feeling,” Bullock said (1).

Additionally, Bullock mentioned how the tribe worked together by approving and creating a cannabis ordinance over three years. From there, the tribe needed to bring this to the state of New York’s attention (1). Once a licensing program was formed, the Shinnecock Tribal Nation’s first cannabis dispensary was able to come to fruition. Bullock assists in advocacy work at the state

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