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Fluent Low THC High CBD medical marijuana products are now available via home delivery. The allowable forms of medical cannabis products in Texas are infused edibles, inhalers, oils, topical treatments and gel caps. Patients will need to get a cannabis prescription from a Texas medical marijuana doctor.

Fluent CBD Drops Tinctures

Perla is an Indica-dominant CBD strain that has demonstrated a consistently robust cannabinoid profile through numerous laboratory analyses. As our first in-house strain, Perla exhibits well-balanced effects in both body and mind.

Fluent CBD Drops Tinctures

Regos is an indica-dominant cross between Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk strains. Regor’s high CBD content and low THC profile has users reporting very little psychoactive effects. Regor is great for treating Seizures, Chronic Pain, Autism, Inflammation, and Anxiety.

Fluent CBD Drops Tinctures

Zeltor is classified as a well-balanced hybrid, although it does swing slightly more to the Sativa side. Derived from the classic CBD strain Ringo’s Gift, effects are commonly described as calm and warm, with a buzzy yet relaxing mental invigoration that performs as a mild energizer, although not hype inducing.

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