Former Border Patrol Agent Sentenced for Accepting Bribes from Drug Traffickers

For $50,000, a former Customs and Border Protection agent gave keys and insider information to a drug trafficking organization. The decision earned Robert Hall 114 months (almost 10 years) in prison, according to a case that was unsealed on Friday.

The La Feria, Texas guard spent 10 years on the job supplying drug traffickers with a flow of information and resources that allowed them to better pass illegal drugs, including marijuana, over the U.S.-Mexico border.

A report from the Department of Justice states that Hall and his accomplice gave the trafficking organization with “CBP sensor locations, the locations of unpatrolled roads at or near the U.S.-Mexico border, the number of BPAs working in a certain area, keys to unlock CBP locks located on gates to ranch fences along the border and CBP radios.”

Hall worked in tandem with former CBP nurse Daniel Hernandez, who pled guilty to accepting $5,000 cash for helping traffickers to escape detection. Court documents show that he was once compensated with $500 for a map of sensor locations and a key to CBP locks. Hernandez is due to be sentenced in May.

The two are far from the sole Border Patrol employees that have been caught

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