FOX News Poll Finds Majority Support for Florida Cannabis Legalization Question

A FOX News poll released last week found Floridians back the proposed constitutional amendment to legalize cannabis for adults by a wide enough margin that it would pass in November. According to the poll published June 6, 66% of Florida voters said they would vote in favor of the amendment, with 32% opposed. 

Support for the amendment included 76% of Democrats, 71% of independents, and 57% of Republicans.    

In an interview with FOX 13, Chris Cano, founder of Suncoast NORML, said “It’s promising to see cannabis reform finally becoming a bipartisan issue.”   

“Cannabis is a safe drug and that when it’s properly regulated and patients have saved in quality and affordable access, it works. It increases property values, it helps the economy. And this is going to be a great thing for Florida.” — Cano to FOX 13 

The Republican Party of Florida’s Executive Board opposes the measure despite the support from the majority of Republican voters polled by FOX News.  

A USA TODAY poll in April found just less than half – 49% – of respondents backed the reforms with 36% opposed. 


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