Health Canada’s War on Compassion

CANNABIS CULTURE – Cannabis Access is key to fight opioid crisis.

As opioid addiction and death increases nationwide, Canadian compassion clubs and dispensaries prioritize the needs of patients and push back against Health Canada’s bully tactics.

From 2016-2000, over 19,000 Canadians lost their lives due to opioid-related causes, with nearly 2000 of those in Vancouver alone, and those numbers do not look to be improving any time soon.  According to the Government of Canada, “The COVID-19 outbreak is worsening the already deadly and ongoing public health crisis of opioid overdoses and death.”

Victims of the opioid epidemic.

April of 2021 set a new benchmark for opioid deaths in British Columbia with an average of 5.9 overdose deaths per day in the province. While May numbers have yet to be confirmed – all signs point to breaking that record.

It would therefore seem logical that Health Canada and provincial leaders would be in full support of low-cost cannabis as a tool that has proven effective in curbing opioid use.  However, the opposite seems to be the case as more and more compassion clubs are being targeted by raids and shutdowns.  

Neil Magnuson is

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