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6933 Hillcrest Ave
University Park, TX 75205

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Mon – Fri 11am – 5pm
Sat – Sun 12pm – 5pm

Why Choose Dr CBD & Nutrition Centers?

Dr. Hill is compassionate, knowledgeable and has clinical experience in treating patients affected by a variety of preventable diseases. He consults with and provides care for patients suffering from mood disorders, chronic pain and those having nutritional deficiencies. He cares about the well-being of patients and consumers, and is committed to aiding them in making highly informed healthcare choices. His message of “Living a Lifestyle of Wellness” to help prevent medical diseases and metabolic disorders is his passion and mission. His professional-grade CBD and nutraceuticals are of premium quality, have been premium tested and represent premium products. Dr. CBD & Nutrition Centers is the first and logical choice in the treatment of numerous preventable conditions.

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