Hudson cannabis dispensary joins Chamber of Commerce – Community Advocate

Photo/by Dakota Antelman
Representatives of the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce and Native Sun Wellness stand for a ribbon cutting ceremony outside of Native Sun.

HUDSON – Native Sun Wellness and the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce gathered in Hudson June 11 to celebrate Native Sun’s membership in the Chamber.

Marking the occasion with a ribbon cutting, Native Sun Retail Manager Caitlyn Woodward said this event was part of a larger effort.

“Not only are we a member of this chamber, we want to become a member of the community,” she explained.

From that community perspective, Woodward said she sees value in bringing as many people as possible into Native Sun’s facility. There, she said, staff can destigmatize cannabis consumption through individual conversations.

“Every time a new person walks into our space, we have the opportunity to educate them a little bit more,” Gelman said. 

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