Interested in applying for a medical marijuana dispensary? City of Mitchell set to take applications – Yahoo News

Oct. 5—Individuals seeking a license to operate a medical cannabis establishment in the city were given a green light to apply after the Mitchell City Council approved the application forms on Monday.

For dispensaries, the city will accept applications from Thursday, Oct. 7 to Oct. 29, which is when the dispensary application acceptance window closes. For the remaining three license types, the city will begin accepting those applications as of Wednesday.

However, there was some discussion over whether an applicant should be refunded the $5,000 application fee if they weren’t granted a license in the lottery system.

“I would have a hard time not giving them the refund to tell you the truth,” said Councilman Jeff Smith. “I’d be willing to give it back. If they don’t get it, I just can’t take their money just for applying.”

While the city’s ordinance states the $5,000 application fee is non-refundable, City Attorney Justin Johnson said the council has the authority to refund the applicants who didn’t receive a license in the lottery system.

“Ultimately, that’s a council decision on whether you are willing to entertain refunding those. But I think it’s very clear that an individual or a company applying for a license should have no

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