Lead gives final nod to medical marijuana hold – Black Hills Pioneer

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LEAD — The city of Lead has given its final approval for an ordinance that will put a temporary hold on issuing licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries.

On Monday the commission gave its final approval for the ordinance that puts all licenses on hold until the state of South Dakota comes forth with regulations to govern medical marijuana distribution. While medical marijuana becomes legal in the state July 1, the S.D. Department of Health and S.D. Department of Revenue has until Oct. 29 to come up with regulations to govern the sales.

But, Lead City Administrator Mike Stahl cautioned city commissioners not to rest on their laurels, and to use the time to establish local rules and regulations for dispensaries, such as propositions to only allow dispensaries in commercial districts. The city of Lead will be responsible for issuing dispensary licenses at its discretion.

“There have been a few communities that have already gotten started on this, but we’ll use those as guidelines,” Stahl said.

Stahl said the state plans to give more control to municipalities for governing

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