Letter to the Editor: Health, economic benefits of medicinal marijuana make it a must to allow dispensaries – The Owensboro Times

Since the City of Owensboro is considering its overall and specific stance on dispensaries I wanted to offer my perspective as someone with a disease that is treatable with this and as someone who has a license in other legal states. 

I am writing this as someone who suffers from a potentially fatal form of epilepsy. However, I am also writing it from the perspective of someone who has seen kids in the neurology office who have 700 seizures a day, numerous friends and family who got hooked on Benzos and opioids (many of which passed away, RIP Keaton), and the suffering of so many, that medical marijuana is going to help. 

My epilepsy is what’s called “intractable refractory epilepsy,” which basically just means that the seizures won’t stop and Western medicine isn’t going to stop them. After about a year of suffering through side effects and the seizures not being controlled, a friend recommended that I get a marijuana prescription since it was now legal to have it in Kentucky from a legal state, with one. So, I gave it a shot. Especially considering one side effect of one medicine they had me on caused one girl’s entire body

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