Marietta officials at work on recreational marijuana legislation – WTAP

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) -Marijuana dispensaries in Ohio are gearing up for recreational sales, and cities are having to make decisions about what they’ll allow within their limits.

Marietta City Councilman and Zoning Committee Chair Bret Allphin said the city’s one medical dispensary, Columbia Care, has already acquired its provisional dual use license for recreational sales.

If that provisional license receives final approval from the state, the facility would be able to start selling recreationally.

Allphin said they anticipate that final approval to come by early September.

Cities have the option of passing a moratorium against adult use sales, but Allphin says he doesn’t anticipate Marietta will do that because he doesn’t expect recreational sales to pose a much larger issue for the city than the current medical sales.

“It’s my opinion that the facility we have here, it hasn’t been a traffic problem, it hasn’t been a crime issue, it hasn’t been a public nuisance issue, it hasn’t been an outside crowding issue, so I think all the regulations that we have in place for medical are working and we’ll probably build off of that for something similar for adult use for consideration,” Allphin said.

Allphin says city and state codes limit how many dispensaries can

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