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The cannabis supply crisis at Martha’s Vineyard is escalating, with Island Time dispensary facing the threat of closure. This situation has prompted its owner, Geoff Rose, to initiate a lawsuit against the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC). The lawsuit targets stringent transportation regulations that Rose claims impose excessive constraints on dispensaries operating on the island, complicating their ability to maintain a stable supply chain.

Island Dispensaries Fights For Survival Amid Supply Shortages

Rose’s legal challenge, lodged in Suffolk County Superior Court, comes in response to CCC’s enforcement of state and federal rules that block the transportation of marijuana from the mainland to the island, reported The Vineyard Gazette. This restriction has intensified supply issues following the announcement that Fine Fettle, Martha’s Vineyard’s only cannabis cultivaor, will cease operations later this year.

The CCC’s stance has prompted quick response from the local community. “For more than 11 years, my efforts have centered on providing safe and responsible cannabis to local residents and visitors alike,” Rose told The Vineyard Gazette in a plea for regulatory reform. His lawsuit, filed jointly with the Nantucket-based The Green Lady Dispensary, seeks to get the CCC to allow the transport of cannabis over the several-mile stretch of federal waters,

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