Mon Commission blocks MCHD cannabis dispensary regulations – Yahoo News

Jun. 24—MORGANTOWN — The Monongalia County Commission Wednesday voted unanimously to disapprove the medical cannabis dispensary regulations passed May 27 by the county’s board of health.

The vote represents the state’s first enactment of Senate Bill 12, which took effect June 2. The law amended state code (16-2-11) to mandate the board of health’s appointing authority either approve, disapprove or amend all health department mandates within 30 days of passage.

The commissioners were unanimous in their votes, but also in their reasoning, pointing to two “fatal flaws ” in the MCHD regulations—one, some of the regulations included were beyond the statutory authority of the health department ; and two, the regulations were in conflict with state code.

Commission President Sean Sikora addressed the notion that local health regulations could be more stringent than the state’s, pointing to the West Virginia Supreme Court’s 2003 ruling in Foundation for Independent Living Inc. v. Cabell-Huntington Board of Health, which says health department mandates are like municipal ordinances in that they’re subordinate to state law.

He quoted a portion of the ruling, which states, “Without question, the regulatory authority of local boards of health is limited by statute to be consistent with state public health laws and the

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