Moon Rocks Produce a Galaxy-Brain High Meant for Veteran Stoners Only. We Tried Two From a Local Dispensary. – Willamette Week

Near the west end of North Lombard Street, on the farthest fringes of the St. Johns business district, is Club Sky High, a small, full-service dispensary that specializes in a unique cannabis product typically reserved for the stoniest of stoners: moon rocks.

For the uninitiated, a moon rock is a half-to-single-gram nug that’s been saturated in cannabis extract and encrusted with weed crystals. As the name suggests, moon rocks are created with the intention of generating astronomical highs—or, in the case of non-psychotropic strains, powerfully potent hits—and Club Sky High takes particular pride in its version, going so far as to brand its store “Home of the Moon Rocks.”

Club Sky High features two strains currently: Dawg Cookies and Wedding Cake. Naturally, we had to try both, even if it kept us stoned for the rest of the week…more stoned than usual, anyway.

Moon rocks have always been a niche, hard-to-find item. As dabbing and vaping continue to rise in popularity, the pre-rec appeal of space nugs feels even more nostalgic. But moon rocks are more than just a sentimental way to indulge in nostalgia

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