New Hampshire Senate Passes Cannabis Legalization Bill that Includes State-Run Shops

The New Hampshire Senate last week approved a bill to legalize cannabis in the state, InDepthNH reports. The bill would permit a state-run system favored by Republican Gov. Chris Sununu and marks the first time the chamber has approved the reforms.

The bill is not the same as the House version passed last month, which did not include state-run shops, but rather a more familiar licensing system. The House has passed adult-use cannabis reforms during the last three sessions.

The Senate bill would allow 15 state-run, or franchised, shops by 2025, allowing a maximum of one per municipality, with the exception of Nashua and Manchester, which would be allowed more. The state-run plan is based on New Hampshire’s liquor store model. 

During the debate, Sen. Daryl Abbas (R) noted that New Hampshire is “surrounded” by states that have legalized cannabis for adult use and New Hampshire residents are buying cannabis legally in other states already.

“We have no control on what is going on outside the border. We are dealing with the negative impact without any benefits at all.” — Abbas, during the debate, via InDepthNH

The bill

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