New Jersey Cannabis: Initial Rules for Adult Use Program – Part 1

On August 19, 2021, New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) released its “Initial Rules for Personal-Use of Cannabis” (Initial Rules). Th Initial Rules were much anticipated, more so given New Jersey’s proximity to New York and the potential impact these rules could have on New York’s pending program.

The Initial Rules cover all aspects of recreational cannabis in New Jersey, including the license application process, social equity, and the role of municipalities will have on shaping the practical effects of legalizing recreational cannabis. The CRC published a handy summary of the Initial Rules, broken down between overall goals and key provisions per chapter.

The Initial Rules contain a ton of information, so we will break our summary into two posts, the first on the stated goals of the Initial Rules and the second on the key provisions per chapter.


The stated goal is to increase opportunities in the cannabis industry for people from targeted communities. The Initial Rules establish three types of cannabis businesses that will receive priority review and approval:

Social Equity Businesses, which are owned by people who live in economically disadvantaged areas in New Jersey or who have past convictions for cannabis offenses; Diversity Owned

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