New Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Kalkaska – 9 & 10 News – 9&10 News

Recreational marijuana is a growing business. Now one northern Michigan community is getting another marijuana dispensary.

The Village of Kalkaska has just over 2,000 residents – fewer than 5,000 in the township and under 20,000 in the entire county. But business is strong enough that a fourth recreational marijuana facility is opening its doors.

Lume Cannabis is making a big statement with its investment in the small community. Nate Adkins is a Launch Team Leader for Lume Cannabis Co. “Getting the license is the big thing. And a big thing for us is we like to get licenses in cities that welcome us and cities that want us there. And we felt that with Kalkaska.”

Lume is adding more than a dozen new jobs to Kalkaska. “We employ anywhere from about 15 to a store, to 37 in a store,” Adkins says. “At this location we have 17-18 people and they are all from the Kalkaska area and surrounding areas.” And Lume says that’s also true about their customers – who have limited options for recreational marijuana. “We do get a lot of people that come over from Traverse City or might just be passing through to get to Traverse

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