NYPD Transit Cop Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Gym Bag Filled With Marijuana

A transit cop in New York clocked out, only later to allegedly don a bulletproof vest and ski mask and stage an armed robbery at a Bronx man’s house with an accomplice. The two held their victim at gunpoint, and ultimately made off with his watch and a duffel bag full of his cannabis. 

Michael Latimer and another man were arrested by NYPD officers in their car after the alleged incident. A neighbor tipped off law enforcement, claiming to have seen the two pulling on their ski masks before they entered an apartment building at 3:15 p.m. on Thursday in Bronx’s Allerton neighborhood, on Mace and Holland Avenues. 

The suspect works at New York’s Transit District 12, which is close to where the alleged crime took place. 

New York finds itself at a crucial moment in cannabis legalization in 2020. Governor Mario Cuomo has once again pledged to regulate recreational marijuana this year. Last year, the governor’s plan to do so foundered on complex regulatory debate and lack of political will. It is largely believed the state will be able to come to an agreement on cannabis legalization this year, however. 

Last year lawmakers did manage to pass a decriminalization

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