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The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy will be making 73 medical cannabis dispensaries available across the state as a result of the exponential patient count. 

Shortage of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Ohio

Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program reported more than 135,000 medical marijuana patients throughout the state this past year. This is significantly higher than the approximated value of 12,000-24,000 patients they had assumed they would have acquired over the past two years. This became a problem as many patients weren’t able to get to one of the 73 different locations, as some locations proved to be far too long a journey. Lorrie Callahan, a West Milton resident who uses medical marijuana said, “I’m thrilled beyond words because that’s saying they’re actually listening to the patients.”

Callahan was more than thrilled to hear this news, as she often must make tedious drives to dispensaries in a galaxy far, far away, or at least so it feels Dayton to Springfield to Monroe is not a drive anyone would like to make to find medicine, but she did it because it is necessary for her health and wellness. She also had trouble finding the edibles in stock that allow her to function and maintain

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