Puff, Puff, Paint (Cannabis, Canvas & Rocky the Cancer Fighter)

CANNABIS CULTURE – Pristine lakes, gentle waterfalls, sun-kissed mountain tops, and thriving conifers are some of the natural beauty that shine out through the work of painter, Rocky, from Denver, Colorado. Rocky’s chooses bright colors for his palette conveying the warm, familiar feeling of stepping into his world on a gorgeous autumn day. But Rocky did not always paint, and his work was not always so bright.  

In 2013, Rocky received the devastating news that he had colon cancer, which is a malignancy affecting the large intestine.  By the time it was caught, it had already metastasized to the liver requiring chemotherapy, liver ablation, large bowel resection due to infection, and more.  Treatments were harsh, and pharmaceuticals were harsher.  Narcotics, pain, and depression bred more of the same, until Rocky found himself bedridden, severely depressed, unable to find the strength to even eat, and addicted to painkillers that began to slowly destroy his kidney function.  There was a disconnect upon diagnosis, a feeling as though he was no longer a part of this world, but of something foreign and entirely consuming.  However, one day while lying in a hospital bed, Rocky looked up and saw a painting of cotton.  This

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