Q&A with Purple Lotus’ Matt Krishnamachari on Bringing Customer Service to Dispensaries – Connect CRE

The dispensary sector has come a long way since San Jose-based Purple Lotus was established in 2010. In fact, it was established in response to what its founders saw as deficiencies in the customer experience at that time. Connect CRE sounded out CEO Matt Krishnamachari for insights on how the dispensary business has evolved since then. 

Q: Purple Lotus was established in 2010. How did you seek to provide an alternative to other Bay Area dispensaries? 

A: Purple Lotus opened its doors to provide safe access to cannabis in its surrounding communities. Purple Lotus was started by my wife and I with a $15,000 investment, we remained true to our roots and kept a family culture and vibe that exists to this day.  

As a cannabis patient, I visited many stores and saw a void in terms of customer service and experience. 

Purple Lotus focused on creating an incredible customer journey paired with varieties of products to create an industry-leading experience. 

Q: Prior to establishing Purple Lotus, you developed entrepreneurial experience in other sectors not related to cannabis. How did this experience translate into establishing a presence in cannabis? 

A: Purple Lotus evolved out of the customer care and high-level

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