Recreational Marijuana in Maine Delayed Three Months

State regulators in Maine expect legal sales of cannabis to begin in June, three months later than previously expected. Voters in the state legalized recreational cannabis more than three years ago with the approval of the Marijuana Legalization Act, a measure that was supposed to take effect within 40 days of its passage in 2016. 

But delays in licensing cannabis business and testing labs have meant that sales of recreational pot still have not begun. Michael Allen, Maine’s associate commissioner of tax policy, said recently that after consultation with the Office of Marijuana policy, the state’s revenue forecasting committee now expects marijuana sales tax revenues to begin rolling in some time in June, three months later than previously expected.


Before that can happen, however, at least one testing lab will have to be operational to ensure compliance with state laws governing cannabis safety, purity, and potency. So far, one lab is close to being fully licensed and four others are considering entering the market.

Recreational cannabis businesses are also required to be licensed by the state, which so far has received 197 applications. Eighty of those have been deemed to be complete enough for regulatory review. Erik

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