San Diego City Council Considers Easing Rules For Pot Businesses To Support Social Equity

Civic leaders in San Diego are considering easing the regulations for cannabis businesses in an effort to promote social equity in the city’s legal marijuana industry. In addition to launching a new agency to regulate San Diego cannabis businesses, the San Diego City Council has approved a resolution to accept a state grant to support restorative justice for communities harmed by the failed War on Drugs.

At a meeting of the council’s Land Use and Housing Committee held last month, P.J. Fitzgerald, the head of the city’s new Cannabis Business Division, said that rules drafted to govern San Diego’s legal cannabis market in 2014 may be too restrictive to allow for inclusive participation in the industry.

“We are seeing now that there may be unintended constraints causing trouble,” Fitzgerald said

Among the proposals being considered are reducing the buffer zone required between cannabis businesses and sensitive use sites including schools and churches. The San Diego City Council is also considering licensing on-site consumption lounges, lifting a cap on dispensaries, and allowing for the operation of independent delivery services.

“As the city moves forward with adoption of a cannabis social equity program,” Fitzgerald said, “we will certainly need room for growth and expansion, and so

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