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The long-awaited Texas Medical Marijuana CBD program is underway, however when Texas’ CBD program opened for business on Jan. 1, not a single patient was eligible to purchase marijuana-derived cannabidiol.

Texas currently has no patients yet as the state’s hurdles are blocking consumers from accessing marijuana-derived medicine even if it’s a High CBD/Low THC products for non euphoric care.

“We expected that it’s going to take a while to get off the ground, and that is what’s happening. We are open for business and have products available, and we’re working with folks daily to make those products available when they’re ready,”  said Scott Klenet, a spokesman for Knox Medical, one of three licensed marijuana growers in Texas.

The current hold up is the Texas’ highly restrictive CBD law and the way it was written.

Texas calls for doctors to “prescribe” CBD, instead of “recommend” as it is written in other legal states. Because marijuana is still listed as a Schedule 1 drug on the federal level, physicians aren’t allowed to prescribe it. 

There are currently just 11 doctors who have volunteered to join the registry, a requirement for recommending physicians. We have contacted these doctors and none are currently active in the program, about half were planning on getting started in the next 6 months. When they are active they will start popping up on the map. 

The only qualifying condition presently that High CBD medical marijuana is available to are people with intractable epilepsy, and two neurologists must sign off and say that traditional treatments have failed before a patient can access CBD.

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