Texas Marijuana Legalization 2016: State Prepares To Issue Cannabis Dispensary Licenses

Texas will begin to prepare to issue licenses to retailers for the sale of marijuana-based products, reported MySanAntonio. The licenses will enable certain dispensaries to sell products with low levels of THC, such as cannabis oil.

The state has approved the products for people diagnosed with intractable epilepsy, a form of the disease where seizures cannot be treated with traditional drugs. The program was slated to be launched Jan. 10, but the first dispensary will not be licensed until June 2017. License applications will not be finalized and available to companies until this summer.

After select dispensaries receive the licenses, it will allow them to sell low-THC cannabis products. Low-THC marijuana contains at least 10 percent cannabidiol, or CBD, but not more than 0.5 percent THC. These products, such as oils, are approved for individuals suffering from intractable epilepsy, which can cause seizures that are not treatable with traditional drugs. The patient can only be prescribed low-THC cannabis if two other drugs are found to be ineffective.

“There’s no question that you do have to go through a lot of hurdles before you’re eligible to receive treatment under this particular legislation,” Texas Sen. Jose Rodriguez, who was a co-author of the bill, told local news station KFOX.

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