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Marijuana Dispensaries In Texas

There are only three companies licensed to grow and dispense medical marijuana in Texas. 

Texas medical marijuana dispensaries are operated by:

Marijuana Deliveries RX: Available Statewide

Home delivery is permitted for medical marijuana patients in Texas. Order by phone or online.

Texas medical marijuana dispensary licensing

Texas medical marijuana dispensary licensing is administered by the Texas Department of Public Safety, including issuance, suspensions, renewals, and revocations. There are currently only three licensed dispensaries in Texas.

Texas is a vertically integrated medical marijuana state. The Texas license for a “Dispensing Organization” cover cultivation, processing, and dispensing. 

Purchase and possession limits

At this time there is no clear information on the limits of legal amounts of medical marijuana products that can be purchased by a Texas medical marijuana patient. 

However, any amount of smokable marijuana flower is still prohibited statewide. Possession laws are still highly punitive and even small amounts can come with a criminal record and jail time.


How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Texas

In order to be approved for a medical marijuana card in Texas, a patient must be examined by a state-certified medical marijuana doctor. 

Once certified, the patient must log on to the Compassionate Use Registry database to complete registration. 

TX Medical Marijuana Cards

Qualifying Conditions:

Renew a Texas medical marijuana Prescription

Texas medical marijuana cards must be renewed annually through a certified TX Marijuana Doctor.

Age restrictions

Residents of all ages are eligible for medical marijuana use in Texas. 

Anyone under 18 years of age must receive two separate opinions from two different state-certified medical marijuana doctors and must assign a parent or legal guardian assigned as a caregiver.


A patient’s prescribed medical cannabis can be dispensed to the patient’s legal representative. 



Texas medical marijuana information

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