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Nestled in the heart of Buchanan, Southwest Michigan, 7ENGINES emerges as a distinguished cannabis cultivation and extraction haven. A diverse team of entrepreneurs, scientists, athletes, actors, and growers unite under the banner of a shared love for the region’s rich history and culture.

From the moment one sets foot in 7ENGINES, the essence of passion and dedication is palpable, reflecting the team’s deep connection to the community.

The name “7ENGINES” is more than a label; it is a captivating fusion of mythical and historical significance. As an homage to America’s industrial era, this dispensary is inspired by the strategic construction of towns such as Buchanan, New Buffalo, Sawyer, and Niles within a seven-mile radius.

7ENGINES facilities are on a mission to redefine cannabis excellence. The cultivation and extraction processes prioritize quality, consistency, and innovation. Cutting-edge techniques and industry-leading expertise are seamlessly integrated, ensuring that the cannabis products offered meet the highest standards. It is a journey into the future of the cannabis industry, guided by integrity and passion.

The values espoused by 7ENGINES reflect a deep respect for the native inhabitants of the land, the Potawatomi. The number seven, of profound significance in the Potawatomi culture, constitutes the cornerstone of 7ENGINES values. Wisdom, Respect,

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