The New Paradigm of Integrated Pest Management for Cannabis

CANNABIS CULTURE – Part 3: Pest management tactics

This third installment in a series on IPM covers the categories of potential management tactics that may be part of your IPM programs.

Click here to read parts one and two.

Integration of tactics

A big emphasis in this series of articles has been how much goes into IPM besides the physical actions of managing pests. But of course these actions are critically important, so here we will cover the different categories of management options. When determining what you can do to manage your pests preventively and reactively, the most important consideration is how all the management tactics will work together. This is where the “integrated” in IPM comes into play. All your tactics should work together so that they enhance one another synergistically, or at the very least not actively inhibit one another. For example, if you are relying on using beneficial insects for one pest but then also routinely spraying an insecticide for another pest that kills the beneficials, you’re just wasting time and money! By ensuring your management techniques both within and between your IPM programs are as compatible as possible, you can prevent pests or manage them at

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