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We have all read the headlines and press releases touting an acquisition with a fit so seemingly perfect it feels predestined. It may be true in some cases that two businesses just “found” each other. However, it is more likely that a solid acquisition is the result of a calculated process on both sides of the deal. To put it bluntly: Good acquisitions do not materialize out of thin air. 

Do not depend upon your amazing product or service offering, no matter how revolutionary, to reel in the deals alone. Do not believe that your own hype will raise the interest of potential buyers. Do not feel that you will be one of the rare companies that just “finds” its perfect match. If you are pursuing an exit strategy of acquisition, you had better be thinking with an acquisition mindset and planning to make it occur.  

Developing a roadmap to acquisition may seem a little daunting, but the process can actually be fairly simple—if not easy. It can be summed up in four critical steps which, when followed, will dramatically increase your chances of success. These are the signs that say you are serious about being acquired.

1) Create a strategy.

It might seem

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