Toronto May Ban Cannabis-Infused Candy and Flavored Vapes

After passing the historic Cannabis Act last June, cannabis officially became legal for adults across Canada on October 17, 2018. But while the law allows all adults to purchase, possess and consume cannabis, it doesn’t initially legalize all cannabis products. For the first year of legalization, the Cannabis Act only permits the sale and use of botanical products like flower. “Additional cannabis products,” like edibles, extracts and topicals, though widely available on the unlicensed market, are slated for approval later this year. Now, Canadian officials are trying to figure out exactly what those rules should be. And in Toronto, a proposal has emerged to ban all cannabis-infused candy and flavored vapes.

Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health Wants to Ban “Youth-Friendly” Cannabis Products

Despite some key differences between provinces, like the months-long delay on brick-and-mortar dispensaries in Ontario, legal weed is well underway across Canada. Yet anticipation is already building for changes to the law that will permit concentrates, edibles and other cannabis products. Public health officials, however, are still trying to figure out what the edibles market should actually look like. And if you ask Toronto Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen De Villa, it shouldn’t look anything like cute

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