Urb’n Dispensary Leads Budding Newark Cannabis Market – Heady NJ

Urb’n Dispensary has pioneered the Newark cannabis market, first in medical cannabis and now in adult-use cannabis sales.

They opened for medical cannabis sales last May and adult use soon after.

CEO Dr. Ramez “Max” Maxemous noted they got special approval so that consumers can smell cannabis flower after some time. A lot of consumers can tell the quality of cannabis by its smell, like wine.

Urb’n Dispensary is featuring local manufacturer Lily Extracts, the local independent cultivator Garden Greens, and the Californian small Multi-State Operators (MSO) from Bango Elyon.

They also have some affordable cannabis from large corporate Multi-State Operators (MSOs) like Ascend that include an eighth of an ounce of cannabis flower for $27.

“It’s gotten a lot better,” Max said.

Urb’n Dispensary is trying to keep prices as low as he can. Notably, they promote themselves in the New Jersey legal cannabis and the underground legacy communities.

He noted many of his employees have strong underground legacy ties.

Setting the Bar

Max sacrificed a lot to open. It was a tooth-and-nail fight to open despite several advantages.

“I went through abuse,” he said.

Despite all that, as the CEO of Urb’n Dispensary, Max is among the locally-owned

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