Wyoming Native American Tribes Plan Vote on Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Leaders of the Eastern Shoshone Native American tribe in Wyoming will consider the legalization of medical marijuana in a vote that could take place as soon as this weekend, according to media reports. The Eastern Shoshone share the Wind River Reservation in central Wyoming with another tribe, the Northern Arapaho. 

Last year, members of the Eastern Shoshone announced that they were exploring the potential economic benefits of hemp and medical marijuana. And this Saturday, the issue could come up for a vote by the tribe’s General Council, reports the Casper Star-Tribune. The tribe has no plans to legalize the recreational use of cannabis at this time.

The General Council, which is made up of all of the tribe’s adult members, voted to explore the legalization of hemp and medical marijuana at a meeting in September. A legalization measure was on the agenda for the Eastern Shoshone council’s January meeting but the lack of a quorum prevented a vote. 

The legalization of medical marijuana and hemp cultivation was also on the Northern Arapahoe General Council’s agenda in December but a vote was not taken because of the lack of a quorum at that meeting, too. The issue may be taken up

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