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This year, 4/20 lands on a Saturday, meaning that there’s no better time to celebrate the holiday than at the best dispensary in PB.

Cannabist San Diego is offering a wide range of amazing deals on weed, which means that it’ll be the 420 destination for San Diegans looking to get the best prices on amazing products.

Starting April 15 through April 18, customers can expect to get a whopping buy-one, get one 60% off the entire store.

The deals don’t stop there, however. On Friday, April 19, customers can get buy-one, get-one 70% anything in the store. On 4/20 Saturday itself, the buy-one, get-one rate skyrockets to 80% off the entire store.

If that wasn’t enough, starting April 20, Cannabist San Diego also offering limited grab-and-go bins starting at $5 and up.

The first 42 people to visit will also get one free goodies bag, but all customers will receive a 40% golden ticket on 4/20 Saturday.

As one of the best dispensaries in San Diego, Cannabist is your spot for weed holidays, daily deals, and more. It is located at 4645 De Soto St., San Diego, CA 92109. You can also contact the dispensary directly

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