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Texas Marijuana Doctor’s are helping qualified patients get their medical marijuana cards. Cannabis for limited medical use, is legal in Texas, currently low THC High CBD only. A medical marijuana CBD doctor can certify qualified patients for access to wide variety of cannabis based medicines as well as an assortment of edibles. These are available by walk in or marijuana deliveries RX from local dispensaries

Qualifying patients will need to get a Texas Medical Marijuana Card to enter a dispensary or receive delivery. If you are interested in medical marijuana as a potential treatment as well as getting updates about the Texas Marijuana program fill out the Patient Registration Form below.

Marijuana Doctors Near Me

How to find a medical Marijuana doctor in Texas?

The list of medical conditions from mild, and severe to terminal being treated with medical cannabis is large. It has been proven as a treatment for mental health issues like PTSD that many of our proud Texan Veterans face. One Texas Combat Wounded Marine stated when asked if medical marijuana helped his PTSD, the reply was “Weed is a miracle for PTSD, sometimes I think I smoke a lot, then it occurred to me that I haven’t wanted to hit anyone in 6 months.”

Texas Med Marijuana Certifications

Sign Up for Medical Cannabis in TX

For potential medical marijuana patients we make it easy to connect with a recommending doctor near you. You will also receive updates & news relative to medical marijuana in general. If you are interested please fill out the MMJ patient registration form and a clinic representative will contact you as available. Legal Residents Only.

Texas Marijuana Registration Form

Texas High CBD Low THC Medical Marijuana Doctors

Updated Low THC Marijuana Doctors in Texas List

More and more doctors are joining the certified marijuana doctors list in Texas. These doctors are often specialized however are certified by the state to grant low THC high CBD medical marijuana cards to qualified patients in accord with state law.


MARC 8300 Floyd Curl Drive San Antonio, TX 78229 210.450.9700 Hours of

UT Physicians

UT Physicians 6410 Fannin Street Suite 1014 Houston, TX 77030 832.325.7080 Hours


NTINH 5425 W Spring Creek Pkwy Suite 275 Plano, TX 75024 972.403.8184


Bluvida 21660 Kingsland Blvd Katy, TX 77450 713.493.7777 Hours of Operation Unknown

Texas Neurology

Texas Neurology 6301 Gaston Avenue STE 100W Dallas, TX 75214 214.827.3610 Hours

Qualifying Conditions For Marijuana in Texas

The list of the current qualifying conditions to gain access to medical marijuana products in TX. The list has been expanded by the Texas DPS for the Compassionate Use Program to include:

22 thoughts on “Texas Marijuana CBD Doctor Clinics”

  1. I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder with psychotic features I have extreme anxiety and sometimes can’t go to sleep in New York I used to smoke marijuana to ease the pain of arthritis but I’m afraid I could go to jail so I hope I could get my medical marijuana license.

  2. I will see my counselor this week. I will ask her about this. Dr Achilles has offered his support in the past on this subject. I have spent time in Colorado and have been relieved of some of my problems. I do not want the high, I would just like the use of CBD strains that are available to me.

    1. I will see my counselor this week. I will ask her about this. Dr Achilles has offered his support in the past on this subject. I have spent time in Colorado and have been relieved of some of my problems. I do not want the high, I would just like the use of CBD strains that are available to me.

    2. I swear Texas does not want to help people who need help, for some reason they have the just suck it up attitude that is way outdated, come on mental health issues have come along way, get out of the money bullcrap part of it and help people folks.

  3. I have terminal stage 4 metastatic cancer that has gone to my bones. I’m in severe pain even though I’ve been taking Morphine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone and other cancer drugs. I filled out the patient enrollment form quite some time ago however I have yet to hear from any doctors and can’t seem to find any doctor who will prescribe medical marijuana to help with this ongoing every day horrible pain. If this is now available to terminal cancer patients why can’t I get the help I so desperately need. It’s a shame that we have a dispensary 3 miles from my home and I can’t get it. WHY???? When I ask doctors about it they seem to shut down – they don’t want to talk about it – Why are doctors treating this on such a hush hush basis. Please help me understand why I can’t get what I need.

    1. I to have signed up awhile back and have heard nothing .My opinion is they have it set up in a way to fail and discourage those in need in other words the establishement does not want this.

  4. Phyllis Quartaro

    Dad is96 and is a wonderful man so blessed to have him he has bone and prostrate cancer the throbbing in rectum and hands is unbearable we need relief God amen


    Hello I have been on pain meds due to pain for 10 yrs then I stated to my doctor’s about this and they took all pain meds away cold
    What they gave me made me even more pain
    I need help asap

  6. Jeannie Stark

    I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remission Multiple Sclerosis in 1992, the last 3-5 years I’ve transitioned to Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis,; I’m full-time in my Power -Wheelchair, the last few weeks it’s becoming extremely difficult for me to even transfer to my bathroom & transfer into bed & getting out of bed. My Neurologist refuses to write a Rx for Medical Marijuana! I would like some recommendations

    1. Get a new doctor. I have an appointment with my neurologist on Oct 31 and if she doesn’t write me a script. I will find a doctor who will.

  7. I have been on pain killers forever.No help.Live in severe chronic pain every day.Medical marijuana is the best.Severe high blood pressure.

  8. I have severe anxiety and fibromyalgia and high blood pressure and have been useing CBD oils to get away from all the pills and it’s working!!!! I have have 17 acres available and would love to start the medical marijuana industry!!!!!

  9. I tried to apply and find answers how l to possibly stop taking medication and try another outlet that maybe better for me

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