Electric Motorcycle Company Using Hemp Bio-Composite in Production

Electric motorcycle manufacturer LiveWire is using hemp in the design of its S2 Mulholland. The motorcycle’s front and rear fenders are made using CAP Hemp bio-composite. 

The company is using other sustainable materials in the production of the Mulholland, including HYLON OCEAN materials in the motorcycle’s radiator shrouds and wiring caddies. The HYLON OCEAN materials are created from discarded ocean fishing nets. The motorcycle seat is constructed from petroleum-free, recyclable silicone rather than leather or vinyl.  

The company notes that it is the first time it has used sustainable materials in key components.  

Several vehicle manufacturers are using hemp in their products. In 2022 BMW Group acquired a stake in Switzerland-based Bcomp, a company that manufactures high-performance composites made from fiber, including hemp. Other European car companies, including Volo, Porche, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen, and Peugeot use hemp composites in their vehicles for a variety of components, including body panels, kick pads, cup holders, wheel wells, dashboard panels, interior door panels, upholstery, seatbacks, door cladding, foam seating, floor insulation, panel trim, and center consoles, according to a 2016 Center for Automotive Research report prepared for the U.S. Economic

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