Marijuana Edibles in Texas

Medical Marijuana Edibles Are Now Available In Texas 

Medical marijuana edibles are now available in Texas.

Good Blend offers gummies with 200mg THC per bottle of 40.

Texas adds to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana.

As numerous U.S. states fully embrace medical marijuana, Texas is inching its way, more like being dragged kicking and screaming, toward the legalization of medicinal marijuana. Until recently, the only medical marijuana product legally available in the Lone Star State was low-THC cannabis oil. Medical marijuana edibles are now available!

Sadly, cannabis oil is only available to a very small fraction of individuals and the product must have a THC content no higher than 1%. However, in January, Texas legalized low-THC medical marijuana gummies for patients suffering from a handful of qualifying conditions.

This is good news for many desperately ill people in Texas, who, until now could only access cannabis oil to find relief from their painful conditions. Some forms of cannabis oil have a strong, unpleasant flavor, making ingestion an unpleasant ordeal. However, fruit-flavored marijuana gummies offer a far more palatable experience when consuming the healing herb. 

Moreover, when eaten on an empty stomach, gummies dissolve quickly allowing cannabinoid compounds (THC, CBD) to enter the bloodstream in minutes for fast relief from debilitating symptoms.

Texas Dispensaries With Edibles

Texas Compassionate Use program expanding

At present, patients must be accepted into the Texas Compassionate Use Program for access to all forms of medical marijuana. The Compassionate Use Program was created in 2015 and has slowly expanded its parameters to include more medical conditions. Patients must prove they suffer from one of the accepted qualifying conditions, including epilepsy, seizures, terminal cancer, multiple sclerosis, incurable neurological disorders, autism, and ALS. Next, in 2021, came CTE, PTSD, ands all cancers added to the list of Texas qualifying conditions.

In late January, a cannabis company called Goodblend Texas launched its line of marijuana-infused gummies, adding them to their dispensary menu products with the hopes that patients could access larger amounts of THC in an easy-to-ingest form.

Marcus Ruark, the president of Goodblend firmly believes that “Gummies are a popular dosing form in medical markets across the United States and we thought it would be beneficial to bring it to patients here.” 

In addition to potent cannabinoids, the gummies also contain highly therapeutic terpenes. These are naturally occurring, aromatic oils in marijuana that join forces with the cannabinoids to provide relief from a wide array of symptoms.

At this time, they offers only home delivery of their product but has plans to open a dispensary in Austin. Patients can order a 40-count bottle of gummies in orange or tropical paradise flavors. Each bottle contains 200 milligrams of THC and costs $60.

Mr. Ruark fully supports the addition of PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions. He believes that there are at least 2 million Texans who could benefit from his cannabis-infused gummies and states. “We want to get the word out about the benefits of cannabis, especially for veterans. It helps so much.”

Hopefully, deep in the heart of Texas, progressive lawmakers will keep expanding that list of conditions to allow more ailing individuals access to the multiple benefits of medical marijuana. 

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