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New Pot Shop in Boston, Massachusetts

There’s a new pot shop in Boston’s South End called “Rebelle.”  The owner, Charlotte Hanna, wants to focus on making people feel healthy and well, rather than getting them high like traditional pot is known for (although she’s not opposed to that, either).

I got a chance to talk to Charlotte about the shop, and how it’s been described as “an alternative flower shop.”  Charlotte said that’s probably because the neighborhood that the place is in used to be the city’s Flower district.  The whole area has been developed into a big bio-tech campus, with other shops included.  The warehouse where the dispensary is located is the same area as the last standing flower wholesaler in the neighborhood.  You can’t go into Rebelle and buy a dozen roses. However, Charlotte said she is selling a different kind of flower.

Massachusetts Customers Said Edibles Put Them to Sleep

Customers were coming in saying that the edibles they were taking made them feel sleepy.  Charlotte was telling me about an edible she’s developed with green tea, that won’t put you to sleep.  There’s another product that she has called THCV, which she’s super excited to bring to market as well.

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