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Rick Simpson Oil: Medical RSO Available by Prescription in Texas

Texas Original has just introduced the state’s first, prescription Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) tincture, which marks the first medical RSO to hit the shelves of Texas dispensaries. For the first time, Texas medical marijuana patients registered with the state can turn to this unique, deeply therapeutic form of cannabis for relief from a wide variety of qualifying conditions.

Rick Simpson Oil is coveted by medical patients for its therapeutic effects, and now, Texas patients can join the millions of individuals nationwide who are enlisting the aid of this powerful therapeutic product for a wide variety of symptoms and benefits.

But you may be wondering: what is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), and what is the significance of this product becoming available for the first time in Texas? How is RSO different from other cannabis products sold in Texas Medical Dispensaries? And how can you purchase RSO in Texas as a registered medical marijuana patient? Read on to learn everything you need to know about Texas’s new RSO extract.

What is RSO?

Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, is a high-potency, full-spectrum cannabis extract that typically takes the form of a tincture or concentrate, and typically consumed orally, though patients sometimes apply RSO topically to cancerous skin growths. Compared to other product formats, RSO is especially popular for its potential medical benefits, and is a popular option among patients managing a wide variety of symptoms and concerns.

Unlike most cannabis concentrates, RSO is created without the use of solvents, which allows manufacturers to preserve more of the cannabinoids and terpenes that naturally accompany THC in marijuana plants Like most extracts, RSO has high THC levels, yet it stands apart for its rich concentration of “minor” cannabinoids (such as CBG, CBD and CBN) and terpenes. Minor cannabinoids and terpenes are compounds that synthesize with THC in the body to enhance the medical properties of cannabis, while contributing their own, distinctive therapeutic benefits to the overall therapeutic effect of a THC product. Products such as RSO assimilate a diverse range of these compounds to produce what is known as an “entourage effect,” a term coined by scientists to refer to the enhanced healing effects of cannabis products rich in terpenes and minor cannabinoids.

The therapeutic properties of RSO aren’t restricted to any one condition. Rather, RSO is used either to achieve more pronounced effects, or to treat symptoms of chronic diseases that often call for enhanced support.

Who is Rick Simpson? The Story Behind RSO

RSO is the invention of Canadian citizen Rick Simpson, who invented this high-potency, homemade oil to treat his own medical condition. Simpson was initially drawn to THC after a work-related head injury left him with post-concussion syndrome, chronic pain, and constant ringing in the ears.

Simpson’s doctors prescribed various courses of prescription medicines to help manage his symptoms, but none proved successful–in fact, Simpson found that many of these medications actually made his symptoms worse. In 1999, however, Simpson’s healing journey would begin when he first tried marijuana for symptom relief. Simpson instantly achieved a greater degree of symptom relief than any medication had provided; inspired, he began to research the medical potential of the cannabis plant, and was captivated by a publication in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute reporting that THC killed cancer cells in mice.

Encouraged by this evidence, Simpson visited his doctor to discuss a medical marijuana prescription, but his request was denied–Simpson’s provider advised his patient to continue taking prescription medication, and sure enough, his symptoms worsened once again. After several years of failed attempts to find the right treatment, Simpson took healing into his own hands and devised a recipe for a homemade, high-potency THC extract that he could use to achieve relief.

From Concussions to Cancer: RSO Success Stories


Simpson began self-administering small doses of RSO on a daily basis, and almost immediately, he noticed a drastic reduction in the symptoms that had plagued him for years. In addition to lessening the symptoms of his head injury and ringing in the ears, RSO also allowed Simpson to achieve relief from insomnia, high blood pressure, and chronic pain. Soon enough, Simpson had reclaimed his quality of life with the help of this homemade cannabis concoction.

In 2003, however, Simpson was diagnosed with a dangerous form of skin cancer known as basal cell carcinoma, and though he underwent surgery to remove the growth from his face, the cancer returned just a month after the operation. Once again, Simpson turned to RSO, applying his homemade extract topically to the site of the cancerous area. To the astonishment of Simpson, his doctors, and patients worldwide, Simpson’s cancer completely disappeared within just four days of beginning RSO treatment.

Once in remission, Simpson was determined to spread awareness of RSO’s healing power, and reached out to offer his concoction to other skin cancer patients, again with astounding success. In one such case, Simpson offered his RSO to a man with inoperable melanoma, whose cancer resolved within just three weeks of beginning this homemade treatment.

After spreading the word to patients nationwide, Simpson claimed that 70% patients he had exposed to RSO experienced remission shortly after beginning treatment. Meanwhile, those who were not cured experienced powerful symptom relief to achieve a greater degree of comfort in their final weeks of life.

How Can RSO Help Me?

Texas Original offers RSO in a unique, oil-based tincture format, at a concentration of 300mg per 30ml bottle, or 10mg THC per 1ml dose. This format allows for precise dosing, which is crucial when using RSO due to its high potency. With a glass pipette, patients can be sure to extract only as much RSO as needed for desired therapeutic results.

RSO takes about 15 minutes to an hour to produce effects, which last for an average duration of four to six hours. Texas Original’s RSO is strain specific, and incorporates the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the sativa-dominant, “Blue Dream” hybrid.

RSO is commonly used for many of the qualifying conditions listed under Texas’ Compassionate Use Program, which include:

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